Hello again.

OK, I’m still getting to grips with this page set-up thing.
I’m more of a trial and error type of guy than a sensible person
who just reads the instructions;) but it’ll do for now.
I’ll add some “widgets” !!!!!!!!!!??? later.

For the time being I’ll probably just be doing a bit of ranting and
hopefully a pattern will emerge to give me some kind of direction
to move into. Things like ‘topics’ are a bit interchangeable at the moment
and I may fly off at tangents while I get my bearings.

I’ll try to keep the swearing down,
and I’ll try not to be too nasty to anyone, unless it’s a Politician/Establishment figure, obviously.

At some point I’ll explain the meaning of the blog’s title “the phantom knocks” as well.
There’s a real story behind it. (Gosh!) But it’s not that interesting. (Booo!)


Finally, I might post an uplifting tune at the end of my rants as a kind of ‘get out clause’

or ‘talent’ contrast to the inane bollocks you’ve just read.