Hounds of Hell


A Dead Blog? It’s a Diary Motherfuckers

Might as well say what the fuck I like
with proper swearing:)
My twitter days are numbered already, I’ve got no
patients unfortunately and poor communication skills.
so fuck it, I’ll just write my good shit on here.

Phony ‘re-tweet’┬áCUNTS

I’ve never fitted in.
I’m an angry motherfucker amongst pleasant
people. I’ve got things to say.

If you read this blog you might hate me,
but telling the truth gets you no friends.

So run and hide, there’s a storm a comin’:)

I’m gonna let the hounds of hell loose on this blog
If you’re easily offended I’d stay well clear.

This is just me talking to myself from now on.
I’m not going to try to please anyone
and you can take it or leave it.

I’ve already tweeted Cameron and called him a chicken
(fox joke about the Election debate;) The tweet disappeared,
so those MI-5 twats probably have me name-checked already.

My head’s in a bad place, and I don’t give a fuck.

I’ll be fucking with the Powers That Be, and they
can kill me in return.

Bye for now.




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