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I’ve put my early posts into threads and updated the Voat articles.



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The Scrap Heap

Lady Ghislaine Birds 4

21st Apr 2020


Epstein Research

Epstein Research

20th Apr 2020


Pizza Related


19th Apr 2020


Shadow Banned


15th Apr 2020


Snarling Fox Joins Twitter


14th Apr 2020


Google Bias

David & Goliath tutu2

27th June 2019


The Lyon Sisters: Pizzagate Connection [Up-dated]

The Lyon Sisters- Pizzagate Connection1

29th June 2017


Fort Reno Park [Up-dated]

Fort Reno Fish2

15th Jan 2017


Mad Monster Party [Thread]

1 vote leave

3rd June to 19th Oct 2016


Pat The Psychic Snail [Thread]

Pat the Psychic Snail 4

12th May to 11th July 2015


ISIS Bloopers Video

ISIS Bloopers

7th April 2015


Man Is Fox [Thread]

Army of Shadows 0

25th March to 24th April 2015