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Music From The River



6th Feb

Take A Little Longer with vocals.


1st Feb

I’ve joined Rumble and Brighteon [links to my channels]

My short films and a few more recent videos are on Rumble at max picture quality and I’ll be uploading my music videos on these channels as well as Youtube and Vimeo.

All my videos are on Vimeo including some of the older ones like Going in Circles, etc. Youtube still won’t let me upload The End, it’s being blocked by Disney but not The Doors. It’s on Rumble though at max pic quality. I had to re-upload Shining because I found ONE frame of film that shouldn’t have been there on the edit. Anyway it’s done now.

I’ll finish mixing Take A Little Longer with vocals and Dream On with piano and do those videos next. Once I’ve finished all the videos I’ll publish them all in a post and then might do a full length video of them all joined together in the correct running order.


31st Jan

The first ones up. This song was recorded at EMI Studios when we had a recording session with them after they liked our first demo. We tried putting some vocals on it but it didn’t work out well, it was written as an instrumental and sounds best that way.

The footage is from Shock (1946) a psychological thriller / film noir which is in the public domain.


30th Jan

I’ve done the video for an instrumental track called Shining, it just needs the Title font finishing then I’ll upload it. I’ve used a film called Shock for the video from 1946 starring Vincent Price who isn’t in the video! I’ve used two minor scenes and combined them.

I’ve nearly completed the new mix of Dream On with piano on it and have nearly finished Take A Little Longer with the vocals. I’ve started on the videos for both.


20th Jan

I’ve put Take A Longer on hold but know what I need to do for it, I’m doing this whole thing as a big project. This is because since learning how to isolate vocals and bass, drums it means I can do better mixes of the songs. I’m working on a restructured version of Dream On and have a film in mind for the video. 

When I mixed the songs a couple of years back all the vocals and instruments were on the same track and couldn’t be mixed very well for example the bass guitar was lost in the mix, the new structure of Dream On flows a lot better and has piano on it with an instrumental section, double track vocals and louder bass the current version repeats too much and meanders, this one sounds good with the piano really filling out the sound. Hopefully I’ll be able to do this with some of the other songs too and lift them up a bit.

Once I’ve done Dream On I’ll start the next song and gradually do the videos as I go along. I’ve watched probably over a hundred of these public domain films and have about 7 or 8 in mind with a bunch of others for consideration. I’m trying to match films with at least vague themes and visuals which suit the songs.


16th Jan

I’m using The Hitch-Hiker for the music video. A film noir from the 50’s set in the desert. The fonts for the song titles will be in the style of the film I’m using.

The band name will be The River Gang which is taken from another film noir called T-Men, the River Gang are a group of mobsters the detectives go undercover to catch. I’ll be using T-Men for one of the other song videos it’s got some great cinematography in it.

The song still isn’t mixed properly yet and I’m about half way through the video. I’ll use City Of The Dead for something else this film suits the song quite well.


11th January 2023

I’ve been mixing a new stripped down version of Take a Little Longer with vocals. Although the sound quality isn’t good I’ve managed to isolate a vocal from a band practice tape and mixed it with an alternate version from the 1st demo. It’s a take from before the samples and effects were added. I’ve restructured the song in a lower key. The melody and lyrics were done after we did the demo recording.

I’ll make a video to go with the song probably using City of the Dead. Although I’m not sure yet. The instrumental had samples from Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner on it but that film is copywrited so I cant really use it.

The band were called The Rivers which is a crappy name but I can’t think of anything else.


3rd Jan 2023

I’m going to make some music videos for my Music From The River songs using some old public domain movies from the 40’s to 70’s, The films I’ll be using are obscure but have no copywrite on them.  I don’t want to distract from the songs so the clips won’t be edited in time with the music but will just provide some nice visuals.. I’ll upload them to my Youtube / Vimeo channels.

There’s some great films available for use like Film Noirs, horror and sci-fi. I’ll have to see which ones fit the music the best.

The City Of The Dead (1960)


I’ve been researching the Idaho 4 case recently and I’ll put some of my theories  on here then archive this thread and start a new one. I’d connected it to Twin Peaks!

and One Eyed Jacks, but it looks like they caught the guy now.