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Archbishop Vigano exposes plot for a worldwide Luciferian Government

Viganò- considerations on the Great Reset and the New World Order

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The world is being taken over by Satan worshippers and Flower children, only this time without the catchy tunes.


Ivermectin is the controlled opposition to Hydroxychloroquine, IE: The Anti-Trump cure for Covid. Trump recommended Hydroxychloriquine as a cure then Ivermectin suddenly appeared being pushed by the left leaning “truthers” IE: the New Age movement who organize the protests, which was clearly all planned in advance of Covid. The right leaning truth movement who support Trump, the QAnon people push Hydroxy as the cure but they are also New Agers. Symbolism will be their downfall say the Q team despite being Masons themselves. Together they form the truth movement (the alternative media) and they promote The Great Awakening (waking people up to the deception they’re living under) and exposing the Mainstream Media which is brainwashing the masses in order to control their thoughts and behaviour and is a propaganda machine for the Globalist takeover of the world, the New World Order. Which is currently happening.

The New Age religion teaches that there are many Gods and that they’re all the same, which is modern day Paganism. This is the same religion you’ll find at the United Nations and being promoted by the Pope. The religion that God defeated by destroying the Tower of Babel.

The question is, why does the truth movement follow the same religion as the New World Order if they’re trying to defeat it? Are we expected to believe that the Mainstream Media is totally controlled but the Alternative Media isn’t?

The answer is that both the Mainstream Media and the Alternative Media are all in the same cult and the people are being played from both sides to foment an end times armageddon written about in Revelations. This is why you’ll find a bible on the alter inside every Masonic Lodge. The Freemasons goal is to defeat God by mimicking or acting out the word of God in reality, in order to show that man himself is God. To do this they’re playing the role of Lucifer / Satan.


The alternative media are all in on it, the whole thing. The few exceptions are mainly Christians or at least ones who have Christian values (eg: Bill Cooper), because the enemy of Freemasonry is Christianity and virtually every major figure in the truth movement is a Freemason. They represent the wolf in sheep’s clothing, something bad disguised as good leading you away from Christianity and towards the light (as they call it) which is the light of Lucifer, the New Age One World Religion. Many of these people hide behind Christianity and follow the right hand path, but instead of leading to Jesus Christ who sits on the right hand side of God, it is in fact the Anti-Christ they’re leading you to.

The Mainstream media is leading the masses along the left hand path towards Satanism. Our entire culture is gradually becoming Satanic which is what you find on the far left of Politics within Marxism and Communism which is what the MSM is promoting.

I think we’re being indoctrinated into their cult by Revelation of the Method, IE: The Great Awakening, a form of normalization. The alt. media’s role is to set a trap, ensnare the follower and lead them into the NWO via the New Age.

The New Age was first introduced as part of the flower power / hippy movement in the late 1960’s in the rock musical Hair, The Age of Aquarius is the transition from the Christian era (Age of Pieces) into the Luciferian age.

PS. Not entirely sure how I got from Ivermectin to the 5th Dimension, but it happened.




From Chaos Come Order: The New World Order

Brexit was a staged event to divide the country. Everything was planned with the Covid scam in mind. Divide and rule. They are using anti-white propaganda / BLM etc, the anti-vaccine / pro-vaccine agenda and all manner of other psychological subversion techniques to further divide people against one another. 

Covid is a front while they bring in the 4th Industrial Revolution / the Great Reset, they are merging capitalism with socialism to create a totalitarian dictatorship under medical martial law (ie: the vaccine). A social credit system and a surveillance state like they have in China. Brexit was the beginning of this operation followed by the election of Donald Trump with the media creating hysteria / chaos following these two staged events to give the illusion that both countries were divided.

You can see how they are portraying billionaires such as Bill Gates or Bezos as an evil villains making fortunes during lockdown (Gates from the vaccines) or Branson and Bezos flying into space, deliberately making the capitalists appear removed from reality, like Gods, and timed for maximum psychological effect. This is staged theatrics so that the controlled opposition (socialists) can attack them and create a public perception that we need a more equal world. The solution is to merge both opposing Political ideologies into “one”.



All Politicians are Freemasons, ie: Actors on a real life stage. They perform a play featuring two conflicting sides to create the illusion of choice, but it always leads to a pre-determined outcome which benefits them and not the people they pretend to serve.

stage 4

… and if any of the actors deviate from the script, they get hooked off stage.





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Is there an anti-white agenda in the media?

Anti-white propaganda 9


Kneel, Neil. Kneel! NOW! NEEIIIL!!! KNEEEEL!!!

Anti-white propaganda



I think they may have dropped something in the spaghetti sauce for this one.


Reuters is always a great source. If they “fact check” something it means it’s true.

reuters fact check


The “freedom” protests are led by New Agers. ie: Freemasons. Masons are anti-Christian = Satanists. The freedom they crave is to do whatever they want and to make it the Law. They are controlled opposition. The “Light” is the light of Lucifer. IE: Darkness. Where good is evil, and evil is good.

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There’s a good reason why the alt. media covered up Pizzagate. It’s because it revealed the cult they all belong to and the Intelligence agencies who pay them.


QAnon finished it off by using the media to connect the Q movement to Pizzagate research tying them both into one bundle despite the fact Q never mentioned Pizzagate once in any of it’s posts and you were attacked if you mentioned it on the research board. After Q led it’s followers off the cliff it allowed the rest of the alt. media to write off Q as a psy-op and cover up Pizzagate in the process.

q pied piper op



the best suggestion wins a lifetime supply of Joe Biden’s favourite ice-cream

Joe Biden National Ice Cream Day




It’s #worldhumanitarianday at the Illumin… er I mean United Nations! Be sure to pay them a visit and thank them for all their “great work”.


United Nations 3


waiting for the next false flag..




We live in an utterly sickening and corrupt world. We’re on our own against an insane, sadistic enemy that does whatever it likes with no law to stop them. The slow infiltration of all institutions is complete and we are at their mercy. And they have none.


I done gif’ed

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

George Carlin was in the club too, btw. In between the truth bombs came the attacks on Religion, without that he doesn’t get the airtime or promotion. It’s part of the deal they sign with the Devil.


The Epstein story is staged managed and controlled by the CIA who control the media. At the same time the CIA runs an elite child trafficking / paedo ring in Washington DC exposed in Podesta’s Emails. This could easily be Bill Gates questioning Anderson Cooper.


CIA’s Alice in Wonderland technique used during lockdown [click image for link]

alice in wonderland technique



Army in the Shadows schwab no quote


To learn who rules over you…. 


Computing Forever – A Message to My Harassers [link]




UPDATE: I’ve done a clearer mix of the last track on Music From The River and given it a more up-tempo end section, I’ve also sped up track 8 to make it flow better.

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Politics is theatre for the masses. Both parties are a Neo-Liberal Uni-party. Together they use the Hegelian Dialectic to shift the Overton Window further to the left and indoctrinate the people using media and entertainment. We are ruled by a Satanic cult.