Latest [April to June 2021]

Latest stuff from April to June 2021 (from bottom up)

(Older news in Fox Droppings)





Monopoly – Follow The Money


St. Georges Day 2021


Pelosi - Thankyou Goerge for sacrificing your life 2

I wonder who they’ve got planned for May Day?

the wicker man 6


wicker 1

Not the first Ed Woodward to get sacrificed.


Down with the greedy Capitalists.


Who on earth could possibly replace him?


Anyway, it’s great news.

Viva la Revolución!

neville champagne


Reminder. The last time someone opposed JP Morgan they sank the Titanic, took over America and started WW1.



Quosimodo Vancouver



#OpenTheCrates is catching on, got some big names involved. Keep spreading the hashtag folks. 



Wikileaks – Convicted Child Abductor Was Caught Stealing Children in Haiti with The Clintons




american shipper smuggling humans containers


Hillary left a floater in the Suez



Kalergi Lurgy

kalergi lurgy


Evergreen cargo is for people trafficking /smuggling according to Q, I’ve not followed it for ages but the name rang a bell. I think there’s some comms (code language) being sent here with the cargo ship blocking the Suez Canal. Evergreen is also the secret service code name for Hillary Clinton and a symbol in Freemasonry which adds to the puzzle. I notice the BBC following this news story along with one about the migrant dingy’s coming into UK during pandemic / new immigration laws. 

Egypt's Suez Canal blocked by huge container ship
evergreen is people
evergreen Freemasonry 2

make of that what you will but at this point almost everything on the MSM news is a staged event / propaganda, gaslighting.




US billionaire wealth skyrockets to over $3 TRILLION


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