Latest News – April to June

Archive of stuff from 20th April to 14th June featuring Coronavirus, BLM, etc, in reverse order (so start from the bottom). This is a continuation of The Invisible Enemy article from March.



Oddfellows (Masons) and Police Stations at Floyd riots (Minneapolis) and Chez (Seattle). What are the odds?

what are the odds


Archbishop Viganò warns the President of a Masonic Deep State plot to destroy God and enslave humanity.

Donald Trump tweets letter from Catholic archbishop 1

Full article


True Detective Season 3



The Deep State criminals behind radical left orgs like Antifa and BLM are running their own slave trade.

modern slavy 1

You won’t hear about it though because they control the media and the Internet.



When do the Christian beheading’s start?



jk rowling

Celebrities are used to create a fake contrast of opinion as cover to normalise perversion

jk rowling1

more info here


Why won’t the Mainstream Media cover this story?

wikileaks- significant-if-partisan-find-showing-how-the-Clintons

Slavery is alive and well it seems and the victims are children.

If Black Lives Matter, then maybe they should look into it. [Link]


It’ll be interesting to see if there’s a 2nd Wave of Coronavirus after the protests by ethnic minorities (BAME) who are 2x plus more likely to catch Covid. 

UK anti-racism protesters defy calls to avoid mass gatherings






website here


Sarah Ferguson wants to fly off in a rocket to the top of a rainbow and wave at kids.

sarah ferguson rainbow

Find out more here


obamagate numbers




Obamagate hasn’t trended at all in the UK. That’s because British spooks were spying on Trump on behalf of Obama [Project Fulsome] and created the fake Steele Dossier with the blessing of Boris Johnson.


Boris spy on Trump

Trumpgate [whatever that is] however…



UK Column on SAGE and Common Purpose using applied behavioural psychology to re-invent society during the Coronavirus lockdown. The “new normal”.



full article here


John Podesta Admits in Testimony Both DNC and Hillary Campaign Split the Cost for Bogus Trump-Russia Dossier.

podesta russia

Full article here


Doctors Fauci and Redfield both mentioned in the Plandemic video are self-quarantined after being exposed to Coronavirus.

Fauci and two other White House Covid-19 taskforce members to self-quarantine


Links between China and US Deep State Globalists (DNC) on the origins of Coronavirus with the agenda of depopulation and authoritarian dictatorship.


Out of Shadows

Documentary covers CIA, Operation Paperclip, MK Ultra, Project Mockingbird, Hollywood, Entertainment, Pizzagate, Epstein and how it all connects.


“Fake Patients” in Covid 19 Testing Line for CBS News


Italian Leader Slams COVID 19 Numbers – 25K Did Not Die


Plandemic is getting censored on Youtube. It’s gone from their website too.


This link works:


damien hirst butterfly rainbow2


Capt. Tom’s just turned 100 years old! Perfect timing to cheer us all up. They’ve raised £31 Million for the “NHS” so far. Almost there hey guys (wink wink).

Captain Tom Moore celebrates 100th birthday

I wonder what they’ll spend all that money on?


Hydroxychloroquine helped 91% of patients with Coronavirus


full article here


“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise.”



Mock the week

BBC News coverage of the Coronavirus resembles a mockumentary. Couldn’t help notice that one of the reporters is called Chris Morris and phrases like “in the thick of it” are being used in reports (wink wink). I don’t think this is a coincidence because they view the masses as sheep who are easily fooled and manipulated by emotions. They’re conditioning the public for a future under total mind control in a Police State and getting them to accept widespread death as being a normal thing. Maybe Armando Iannucci is writing the script for them.



The WHO (World Health Organisation) is allied with organisations that promote “sexual

rights” for children from the age of 5


full article here


Rosemary's Baby Eyes Wide Shut 4

Prince Louis3


The Coronavirus lockdown is being used to promote Homosexuality in a coordinated campaign by the Media and Advertising. This is connected to the NHS and serves 2 purposes, one is the depopulation agenda with gay couples not having children and secondly it’s to sexualize children because they want to normalise paedophilia and other abhorrent behaviour.

nhs rainbows 1

This is why you’re seeing Rainbows everywhere especially with regards to children. The LGBT is a front for this and you’ll find the NHS is working with the Tavistock Institute in their social engineering program to promote this agenda.

nhs gender

The rainbow is a symbol of God’s covenant to man from after the great flood and the LGBT is using this Biblical analogy to pervert the Laws of nature.

So with the Coronavirus being used to kill off the elderly it’s also being used to indoctrinate the young, literally a case of “out with the old in with the new”. This is more evidence to me that the Coronavirus was a planned and scripted event. It’s being used to completely re-order society and the traditional family.



philip cough





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