Fort Reno Park

Presidential Emergency Facility beneath Fort Reno Park

A commenter linked to an article about an underground cold war era facility beneath Fort Reno Park. (You’ll need to read this)

If you go onto the 4chan thread from 17th Nov and scroll down near the bottom and you’ll see this picture:

top secret bunker 500m from CPP

Read what the Anon says; “I want to reiterate that there is a top secret bunker about 500m from Comet Ping Pong.” and “it’s worth considering that Fort Reno contains a reservoir that could ‘possibly’ connect to the Broad Branch, which is the small creek running underneath Politics & Prose.”

Here’s some google search images for Presidential Emergency Facility Site 4 – Cartwheel

Here’s the design for Cartwheel in Fort Reno Park


From Wikipedia: Presidential Emergency Facility

A Presidential Emergency Facility (PEF), also called Presidential Emergency Relocation Centers and VIP Evacuation and Support Facilities, is a fortified, working residence intended for use by the President of the United States should normal presidential residences, such as the White House or Camp David, be destroyed or overrun during war or other types of national emergencies.

Purpose-built Presidential Emergency Facilities are silo-like structures constructed from reinforced concrete that sit atop an underground warren of bunkers and chambers designed to withstand a nuclear explosion.

There are 9 PEF’s in Washington DC each named with the letter “C”, Reno Park’s is called “Cartwheel”, the White House is “Crown”.

Could these PEF’s be connected by tunnels? Are the PEF’s still used? and if so, is Comet Ping Pong / Pizzagate connected in some way?


[Voat /v/pizzagate post I did from 1/15/2017]

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