The Lyon Sisters Child Murders

James Alefantis’ construction company Here Comes Your Man LLC is THREE HOUSES AWAY from where the Lyon Sisters lived in Kensington, Maryland. It’s located 6 miles north of Comet Ping Pong. It’s the building company that did work on the Pegasus Museum.

Here’s the 2 properties on Google Maps.

the 2 properties

Proof of the addresses Here

Here 1

and Here

Here 2

The Lyon Sisters (aged 10 & 12) were abducted and murdered by a carnival worker called Lloyd Lee Welch in March 1975 after they disappeared from a local shopping mall were they’d gone to have pizza.

Lloyd Lee Welch

The murders remained unsolved for 40 years until convicted pedophile Welch was charged with the double murder in July 2015. It’s the longest cold case in US history in a body-less murder. Welch’s uncle Richard Allen Welch worked as a security guard at the mall and is also a suspect in the case after his nephew accused him of helping him abduct the girls then witnessed him raping one of them.

Richard Allen Welch

Another cousin Henry Parker admitted that he’d helped Lloyd Lee Welch burn the bodies of the victims on land owned by Richard Allen Welch’s sister Elizabeth Parker on Taylor’s Mountain, Thaxton, Virginia. Several of Richard Allen Welch’s relatives were charged with obstruction of justice in the murder case.

Here’s the street view of 3124 Jennings Rd & 3121 Plyers Mill Road

3124 Jennings Rd & 3121 Plyers Mill Road

The fact that the Lyon Sisters’ house is right next to a property owned by James Alefantis could be a complete coincidence, but when you throw the surname “Welch” into the mix and the connections it has to both Alefantis (Edgar Maddison Welch) and the Lyon Sisters (Lloyd Lee Welch) then I suspect there’s something more to this than meets the eye.

Edgar Maddison Welch

Are the Welch families related? If they are, then it could suggest that the same multi-generational families and properties have been used for child trafficking going back decades. Lloyd Lee Welch had 4 children with his long term girlfriend Helen Craver all of whom were taken into foster care. Who, and where are Welch’s 4 kids?

Helen Craver

Edgar’s father Harry L. Welch Jr on the other hand has 3 adopted children, though it’s not clear if Edgar is one of them. Maybe there is a link to Richard Allen Welch who is a suspect in the Lyon sisters case? Or his cousin Henry Parker? I’m just guessing really, but both Welch families do appear to be from the same generation and of a similar age group. Edgar also lived in Haiti for an unspecified time and his father’s biography raises a few red flags such as his work with Adopt A Child. Both are also involved with film making which suggests that Edgar could be a crisis actor.

father's biography

So are these families related in some way? Is there a connection between both Welch families and James Alefantis? and is there something we don’t know about 3124 Jennings Road?

Lyon Sisters case on Wikipedia


[Voat /v/pizzagate post I did from 6/29/2017]

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