Music From The River


Hello. These are the songs I recorded with my band

You can listen to them on continuous play on the music player or individually below where I’ve written some production notes.


The band were Paul on vocals, B on drums and me on guitar and backing vocals. Bass player Tom joined us later but I played bass on the recordings. We were called The Rivers. I wrote the music and Paul wrote the lyrics.

We did 2 demo’s and recorded for EMI between 1999 and 2000. For the first demo we got some help from Simon who did a professional production job for us and added some piano / samples to the songs. The demo got us a recording session with EMI. After this myself and Paul wrote some new songs and recorded a 2nd demo in 2000. The band split up shortly after and the demo was never produced properly. It’s these songs and a few others I’ve been mixing. The recordings were pretty shoddy with no overdubs and the tracks all bled into one another. We used a drum machine for all these songs so they sound a lot different from the one’s B played on. There’s a couple of acoustic songs and 2 others recorded on 4 track which I’ve mixed too. The songs from the 1st demo and EMI are unaltered. They sound best through the headphones btw.


Music From The River



On You

This was the opener on our 1st demo. It was one of the early songs we wrote after moving to London. It’s a quiet one that builds up to a crescendo.

Tender Me

This is from the 2nd demo. I created an overdub by shifting the main guitar track onto the second verse which builds it up quite well and overdubbed the harmonies at the end of the last chorus. I also added an extra minute and a half to the original track.

The Things I Say

This one’s got some jangly Byrds style guitar on it. The drum pattern was pretty basic so I added some tambourine, shaker and cowbell samples. From the 2nd demo.

Right Now

This was the main song we recorded for EMI and tried to turn into a vocal track. It started off well with wah-wah guitar and a strong vocal but lost it’s way at the middle 8 part. The song works as an instrumental though so I’ve posted the version from the 1st demo. Simon did the keyboard effects and a nice ascending scale at the end for this.

Ain’t Even Begun

This was written for the band by Paul (& another?) just before we split. Unfortunately they recorded it using a dodgy mic lead which is why it crackles all the time. They recorded some feedback on a separate track which I used to fill out the song.


This was recorded on 4-track sometime after EMI. We’re going for the spaced-out dub vibes here with Augustus Pablo style harmonica and heavy drums which needed a bit of editing. The harmonica bled onto the vocal track so I had trouble lowering the volume without losing the vocal.

Don’t Go After Me

The other vocal track from the 1st demo has a similar structure to On You but with a key change thrown in. Myself and Paul did some nice harmonies for this which were tagged onto the end of the demo in a cappella. I’ve put them on here near the end.


Dream On

The drum pattern and guitar kept going out of time so I added hand claps to give it a solid rhythm, sleigh bells to make it flow better and sped it up a bit. I created some harmonies for the verses by using the middle section and used the end section to build into the choruses. From the 2nd demo.

Break It Down

It’s hard to categorise this one. It’s kind of Rock / Country sounding with Bluesy guitar licks and complex lyrics. I’ve added a shaker and some bells. From the 2nd demo.


This is an instrumental which we tried to turn into a vocal track for EMI called The Beach. It didn’t work as a vocal but the instrumental sounds quite good. It’s got slide guitar and some echoing choral-like samples.

Always Get By

The only decent version I could find of this was recorded live on acoustic. I edited the third verse slightly and cleaned it up a bit. This dates from between the 2 demo’s.

Take A Little Longer

An instrumental from the 1st demo (aka: F##k Knows). This had a nice melody and lyrics written for it just afterwards. The samples are from the film The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner.

Vocal Outakes

Some harmonies from the 1st demo.

Late In The Summertime

This is one of the early songs done on acoustic. The refrain at the end had some dodgy high notes so I re-edited it and added a rain storm on the fade out.

Nothing Without You

This one needed re-structuring and a ton of editing. I combined an acoustic recording with the electric version from the 2nd demo. I added some piano (played on my PC keyboard) and a few sampled strings / percussion to fill it out.



Thank you for listening