Speaking Truth To Power



That’s what they like to say, isn’t it?
“Keep your mouth shut…


Well, they don’t actually say THAT bit. Obviously.

But that’s what they mean.


Simon Danczuk was told to
by a nice, helpful, chappy called Sir Edward Garnier QC MP,
just as he was about to enter the House of Commons to
raise questions regarding a missing dossier about child abuse.

“… or you might be responsible for the death of SIR LEON BRITTAN,”

added Garnier (or words to that effect)

All of a sudden! As he was walking away, Danczuk thought he heard the

the QC MP, muttering something under his breath…

“…but not if we kill YOU first!”

Danczuk was shocked.

This was a man he’d never even met before, and he was warning him off, just like that?
“Who is this guy?” he thought.


Sir Edward Garnier

[Here he is. He works for MI-5]

Danczuk immediately went public and got the
whole incident out into the media and ‘on the record’.
It’s a good job he did that. Otherwise who knows? He might have
died from cancer, or something?




Leon Brittan is was the former Home Secretary from the Thatcher Government
who MI-5 blackmailed into covering up a Paedophile ring operating within
Parliament back in the 1970’s and 80’s.
He was given a ‘dossier‘ containing “big, big names of people
in positions of power, influence and responsibility” by Labour MP
Geoffrey Dickens, and asked to investigate it.

He didn’t investigate it though, because he knew it would lead
straight back to his own desk. So he gave the dossier to the
Police instead, who ‘lost’ it. (pun alert)

All very convenient. As, indeed was Brittan’s timely death a few months ago.
Because what with the new inquiry into “Historical” Child Abuse beginning soon,
the whole thing can NOW be blamed on him,
and swept under the carpet.

Incidentally, Dickens had his home broken into twice,
received threatening phone calls and had
his name appear on a multi-killer’s hit list.
But it was probably just Jeremy Beadle having a laugh.





So what with the “inquiry” having been deliberately delayed by MI-5

until AFTER the General Elections are over, by appointing
TWO successive stooges as Chairpersons,

I thought this might be a good time to have another look at that list of
‘Honourable Members of Parliament’ who thought that an independent inquiry
into ‘Historical’ Child Abuse WASN’T such a good idea.

Let’s have look at the LIST then.

146 were For it

 504 Against.

So that’s what? 70% of MP’s choosing NOT to back an inquiry into
the systematic grooming, raping (and sometimes murder)
of thousands of vulnerable children taken from Care Homes?

Just let that sink in for a second.

Has it sunk in?

Now, don’t all rush out to the Polling booths at once.



Oh Well.

So, what are we to make of all this?

Will this “Historical” Child Abuse Inquiry really get to the
truth? and bring the perpetrators of these DISGUSTING crimes to
face the cold hard steel of Justice?



Will it FUCK!

Not with these TWATS running the joint.






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