The Horror… The Horror…


“Haha! I’m HERE! I’m HERE! Look! Look! Over here!”

Oh there you are Growling, I didn’t see you there!


This is my friend GROWLING DOG everyone.

Come and say hello to him!


I’ve been looking for him all day,

and there he was, hiding behind that tree, all along.

Silly thing.

Here he is:)


Growling Dog (4)


Growling was the one who did that ISIS joke by the way.


You got that ISIS? It was Growling.

So if you want to track me down and brutally murder me
you’ve got the wrong man, I mean Dog. I mean FOX!

(I’m confused)




In my attempt to write an article about Tony Blair,
I quickly realised it’s a pretty pointless task.

The guy is simply UNTOUCHABLE. No matter what anyone
says about him, the guy just DOES NOT CARE.

You have to admit he’s one tough cookie, or a complete
and utter psychopath, whichever it is.

I was wondering when he would show up though.
Then all of a sudden. He appears. As if by magic!

Yes Teflon Tony, Mr D-Notice himself has been back in town,
lending his support to the Tory Party, did I say Tory Party,
I meant Labour Party, although it’s hard to tell what effect
his showing up will have on the average voter.

He does possess a magnetic charisma though doesn’t he?
A Derren Brown-esque element of trickery and mis-direction
that no matter how much he may be lying, he has that weird
mindfuck ability to cast you under his spell.

He’s here to save us from ourselves or voting in a
Referendum to leave the European Union, which the Tory Party
have “PROMISED” us if we vote for them in May.

The fact that the Tory Party deliberately stole that policy from
UKIP should be enough to raise a fucking enormous red flag in
your general direction.

I personally don’t care who gets into power because I won’t be voting and
on top of that I generally couldn’t give a shit about this country.
But that just me:)


What can you say about Tony Blair?

Well, he’s probably insane. I’m talking Colonel Kurtz here.
The guy from ‘Apocalypse Now’. Yes him. The fat bald guy.
The one who loses his mind and turns into a raving despotic
megalomaniac and starts murdering his own people.

Tony’s methods “have become unsound”.

Here he is




Does anyone listen to him?

Well it appears so, especially in America where he’s a
bit of a star it seems. Not too surprising I guess after
his breakthrough role in the Iraq War gained him lots of
plaudits Stateside. He’s even got an award too, from the
American branch of Save the Children no less, for all his
fabulous charity work. Not sure how many children he’s
actually saved mind. It’s probably loads though.

Apart from telling us to stay in the EU and saving children
he’s now telling us that “Democracy doesn’t work”.
Well I suppose after his adventures in the Middle East
he would say that wouldn’t he?

What does work though is Benevolent Dictatorship.

Tony knows what’s best for us all, so no need to vote
then. Let’s hope that the “new leader” he was referring
too in the Newsweek article wasn’t Ed Milliband.
I’m sure he’s open to a few ideas.


Let’s just hope he not a psychopath.

Naaa… he couldn’t be.


Could he?


Kitten Death




Ed Miliband


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