Something Big Is Going Down



And are about to give the Establishment an almighty
kick in the junckers, and take our Country and Democracy back.

Somethin’ BIG is goin’ down.

The Remain bunch are crapping themselves as their pathetic
campaign of lies, dirty tricks and manipulation blows right up
in their own TWO faces, and wake up to the fact that
the little people don’t believe anything they say anymore.

The electorate don’t want to be slaves, and see our leaders taking
their “orderz” from an unelected, Anglo-phobic, ego monster like
Jean-Claude Ploncker! And all the other arrogant, faceless Eurocrats
and fraudsters nobody has ever heard of.

We want our country back!

To be free to govern ourselves, make
our own way in the world again and get to grips with the monumental
levels of corruption that exist on in THIS country.

It should keep us busy for quite some time.

But then again, maybe it’s all just one big conspiracy theory?


Loch Ness Monster


Moving swiftly on…

It’s no surprise to anyone to see the level of deceit
the Elites will sink to in order to sway the electorate to
vote for Remain.

They will lie, manipulate and outright cheat to get
their own way. Sending voting cards to foreign nationals
who aren’t eligible to vote. Sending voting guide leaflets
with pens drawn next to the Remain tick box, crashing the
registration website ON PURPOSE to get a remarkable TWO
DAY extension beyond the deadline. The BBC placing Vote
Remain ads on their ex-pats page. Planting Trojan horses
like Sarah Whatsisname in the Leave camp, and much more
more jiggery pokery to come, no doubt.

These crooks are teeing this up for the Big Rig on the 23rd
by convincing everyone that it’s neck and neck in the polls,
before they FIX the postal votes in their favor. They’ll
do it, just you see.

So watch those ballot boxes like HAWKS!

You have been warned.


In the mean time turn OFF the Mainstream news, stop reading
the Newspapers and you won’t get suckered into their vortex
of lies and spin.

Don’t listen to Cameron. Or Osborne, or any of the other
status quo mob. The world is corrupt and in chaos because of
these lying TOSSERS!



(see what I mean?)


So come on all you LITTLE PEOPLE out there.

It’s time to say goodbye to the EU. An organisation that cannot
be removed, ignores us at every single turn, and can barely hide
their contempt for our country. They envy us, and do us no favor.

Let’s cut Juncker and his cronies down to size
and tell the British Establishment to Foxtrot Oscar!

Make your voices heard, on the 23rd.
and let’s take back control of OUR COUNTRY.




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