Hello. Instead of writing an article I’m going to post my thoughts randomly, I may expand on some of the themes later.


Coronavirus is a planned manufactured psy-op by the Deep State / shadow Government who have a depopulation agenda [Agenda 21]. They control all our institutions. Their goal is a Global Totalitarian Communist police state known as the “Great Work” in Freemasonry and has been planned for over a century. This is a Global operation / coup.

Freemasonry is a Luciferian sex / death cult. and they’re behind all wars and revolutions for the past 3 hundred years. They control everything you see and hear. Ruling by deception and intimidation. They were the Pre-curser to the Spy Agencies and communicate using symbols, gematria and signals, hiding amongst us hidden in plain sight.

You can’t fight an enemy you cannot see.


Was Brexit a hoax used to divide the country and identify dissenters against Globalism?

Is the virus being used to literally divide people [isolation] so they won’t fight back?



BBC cuts Trump off in live press conference when he mentioned Hydroxychloroquine as a cure. Presenter says “Let’s move onto something more important” and takes listeners calls instead. The media are not your friends.

Everything you see is theatre. Mandatory vaccinations on the way to get you chipped and under total authoritarian control, just like in China.

Go in here and you may never come out.


Corona means Crown.

Have Globalist liberal Elites turned the tables on the Royals? Or is this a hoax?



Epstein Versus Pizzagate.

Kevin Spacey threatens the Queen

One of these scandals is much worse and far darker than the other.

Can you guess which one?

Here’s a short musical interlude while you figure it out.


Predators and Prey

Freemasonry is an Elitist cult of psychopaths. They masquerade as a charity, but nothing could be further from the truth. This is a secretive Mafia of criminals hellbent on world domination. A one world Government with everyone enslaved in obedience to them and worshipping their God of self-worship and materialism… Lucifer. They want to abolish the Monarchy and Nationhood. As well as all Religions.

All public figures are totally controlled by the cult (via blackmail) or are in the “club” themselves. Others are appointed handlers who guide them towards the “light”.


The main enemy of Freemasonry is the Catholic Church. They’ve been at war from day one. Freemasons infiltrated the Vatican in the early 1960’s [Vatican II] and assassinated the last Catholic leader, JFK. It’s no coincidence that 1960’s sexual revolution started immediately after. This was the beginning of the end for the Old World Order based upon Christian morality, the family and marriage, etc.

All those paedophile scandals involving the church are by design, to destroy trust in Christianity. The current Pope is a Communist, and a Satanist.



Prisoners being released from jail. Which ones?

Inmates could be freed

Paedophilia, Incest and all other “taboo’s” will be normalised in our Brave New World. So expect Sex Offenders and Paedophiles to be released and roaming around freely. They’re already indoctrinating infants in primary schools under the guise of LGBT / transgender.




Deep Fakes

The fact that they’d do this so brazenly tells you that they don’t care about fact or fiction. Everything is a means to an end for them to achieve their goals, we live in the post-truth world.

budget folder


Boris Johnson is a Globalist, Tony Blair 2.0. He gave the green light for spooks to spy on Trump on behalf of the Obama Democrat Party when Secretary of State which led to the fake Steele dossier and the Russia hoax.

Boris spy on Trump


Did the UK really leave the EU?

true flag of the UK to the illegal maritime-law flag (gold fringe) of the UK


33,000 beds. 

33,000 bed

£330 Billion Coronavirus Bailout

330 billion bailout 2

That number sure pops up a lot…

Corona 33 3

33 votes

The 33rd Degree of Freemasonry


Order Out Of Chaos

All the world is a stage.
world theatre day



abbey road


Anti-Russian propaganda from the BBC. It’s a “Conspiracy Theory” that the Coronavirus is a man-made Bio-weapon produced in the US. Don’t believe the horus stories folks!.

Big Brother is watching out for you

bbc reality check

Then a nice fluff piece about goats roaming around. (It was sheep the other day).


Terry Waite calling for a “New World Order”, on Sky News.

David Cameron’s “Big Society” cropping up again.

Oh and magician Dynamo advert asking “If your life has lost it’s meaning.”

Boris Johnson hosts cabinet meeting entirely on a video call, repeating the mantra “The situation is going to get worse before it gets better.”


They want you divided.


Police lodge 4


Coronavirus to peak on Easter Day…



If you can’t beat ’em…

black eyes 2

Dawkins black eye 1



Social Media

media symbols







The Gathering Storm

guardian cure 5



more to come

remember to obey ze orderz

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