Pat The Psychic Snail


Pat is a qualified medium. Using his spirit guide Sam he receives message from beyond the grave.

Today Pat’s made contact with the spirit of 70’s stand up comedian Bernard Manning..

“Oi! Farage or whatever yer f***** name is. Eh pal don’t get me in any f***** airplanes will yer mate! Get that Chunnel thing to Paris, don’t ho through the tunnel on Champs Elysee though, you won’t f****** come out alive! You are French aren’t yer? ‘Ave you ‘eard the one about the Englishman in a French resteraunt…? “


Post from 12th May 2015


Living The Dream

We’ve all heard the phrase “living the dream” right ?

I had a dream once where I was attacked by a 6 ft 6 in man dressed in a female nurses outfit and he hacked me to death with a meat cleaver.

Hopefully this won’t happen in my real life.


Post from 6th June 2015


Johnny Cash


Post from 7th July 2015


John Waters’ Spooky Story

Video removed


Post from 11th July 2015


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