Jihadi Birds Of Death


Bill Oddie has called for a nationwide bird cull after claiming his grandchildren have been converted to extremist Islam by parrots.


Bird expert Oddie claims that hate preacher Anjem Choudary has been training the talking birds to sit in trees outside his Grandkids’ primary school and squawk anti-Western slogans to the gullible children at play time. Oddie added he believed that the hook-handed cleric is attempting to radicalize the children into joining barbaric terrorists ISIS in Syria and fight to their deaths in a Holy War against the West.

Chatty birds

It’s also been confirmed by a source close to Oddie that the ornithologist’s Grandsons Eddie and Noddy were preparing to fly out to Syria to join the Jihadi’s who are notorious for their gruesome executions but were stopped at Heathrow Airport by security guards. The devastated former Goodie is now launching a campaign to defeat the mind-warped birds.

“Something must be done about these f*****g parrots!” said Oddie, “Children are very impressionable and can be suckered into believing any old nonsense especially if it’s being spouted by an exotic looking Scarlet Macaw.” he said. “I suggest a cull, starting with pet shops.” he added.

Bill Oddie


Springwatch presenter Kate Humble has joined the campaign to stop the parrots reign of verbal terror by suggesting school children should be given pellet guns and binoculars to spy on the birds and that kids should refrain from taking seeds, nuts and insects into school in case they attract the curvy beaked propagandists.

“Parrots are very intelligent and have a vocabulary of up to 900 words.” she said. “I once met a parrot who could recite the entire literary works of Ernest Hemingway so it wouldn’t be hard for a hate preacher like Choudary to teach them the basics of Islamic extremism.” said Humble.


Meanwhile, former Animal Magic presenter Terry Nutkins suggested carpet bombing Syria.

Terry Nutkins


Choudary was unavailable for comment.


unpublished from July 11th, 2015