The Game


I made some short films as a student, this is the first one called The Game. I’ve added the Titles and cleaned it up a bit. It was recorded in 1995 on video tape. None of the guys had acted before and it was my first effort at film-making when I was on a media course in Wrexham, North Wales.

The building featured in the film has a sordid history which you can look into but it was in the news at the time. Our student residence were on the grounds at Bryn Estyn right outside and to the right of the building. It was private so there was no filming done inside, all the interior stuff was filmed inside our residence.

This is the best quality version at 807MB. It’s partially blocked on Youtube for copywrite so this is the same version from Rumble. You can also find it on Vimeo with all of my other films.


I made two more after this. I’m re-editing the 2nd film in colour which I’ll upload soon and made a third one which has no sound on it so will need re-editing. I also made an advert. If I can sort them out I’ll post them here at a later date.

I might remaster the picture and the sound quality on this film at some point.