Over The Rainbow

With rainbows everywhere I’ve made a video with the theme of mind control. The Wizard of Oz was used in MK Ultra programs by the CIA as part of Project Monarch which is used to brainwash children. The subject would disassociate from the pain inflicted on them by going “over the rainbow” creating a fractured personality. This was a continuation of the Nazi experiments of Joseph Mengele from WW2. These scientists were imported into the allied nations following the war in something called Operation Paperclip.

The experimentation never stopped and is now being used on the general public en mass. The people are being brainwashed by subliminal images, the rainbow being a symbol for the Globalist’s Totalitarian New World Order which is being rolled out as we speak and they want you to join their rainbow cult to create a hive mind population who all think the same. There’s no room for individuals in Rainbow world and they think they can achieve equality by merging male and female together.

It’s also the symbol for the LGBT community and it’s an outright attack on the traditional family and Christianity which they want destroyed and replaced with Theosophy, an occult Religion made famous by Helena Blavatsky tied to Freemasonry and Satanism.

The UK centre for psychological social engineering is the Tavistock Institute and they are working with the NHS to brainwash children and get them to switch genders. Playing God with nature itself.

The music featured in the video is a blend of Eros by Piero Piccioni, Ophis le Serpentaire by Vincent Gemignani and Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Judy Garland.




The Occult Roots of The Wizard of Oz

Tavistock nurses perform haka

Mission Mind Control


Uploaded with higher quality picture and sources on 12th Oct 2021

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