Epstein Island Research


This is some of my old research on Epstein’s Island and other related subjects. The picture at the top represents the time I gave up my research in frustration after realising that everything was just an endless wild goose chase. I got the sense that everything was staged. Like all of these scandals everything gets swept under the rug and misinformation is spread around to throw people off and cause confusion.

From what I could tell the existence of an underground Bond like labyrinth was made up although Epstein had started building on Great Saint James which had plans for an underground section. These types of subterranean complexes do exist on surrounding islands however, Water Island was formally a submarine base during World War 2 and has connections to Joe Biden’s brother.

Water Island

Building plans for Great St. James

Construction work

Little Saint James is the main island owned by Epstein and this was what most of my research was focused on and I managed to find a picture of him on his island sat outside what I think is the gym. At the time this was the only known photo of Epstein on his island.

You’ll need the magnifying glass for this one.

The trademark white polo shirt which he always wore when on the island according to staff. If it’s not him then it’s probably the guy below who some were claiming was Epstein returning to his island after faking his death. It made for a good story but I’m pretty certain he’s dead.

Island Mystery Man

Next up it’s Ghislaine Maxwell and Bill Clinton on the Lolita Express! I scooped the Mainstream Media by few months on this one, but let’s face it the media exists to protect these people. But that’s another story.

This is John Travolta’s private plane parked next to the Lolita Express. There’s a Scientology facility not far from Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico if I remember correctly, so maybe it’s not a coincidence. Who knows, but Scientology is a weird mind control cult and could be related to Epstein’s victims and Hollywood.

Lolita Express parked next to John Travolta’s private plane

Here’s some other pics of Epstein’s plane. It’s had several paint jobs over the years.

Now what if I told you Bette Midler is mixed up in all of this? Well she appears to have a connection to Ghislaine Maxwell’s TerraMar Project which was her plan to take over control of the ocean if you can believe it. But was more likely a front for the trafficking operation she was running, and probably still is. Is Bette the mystery actress mentioned in the Mail?

Epstein’s New York apartment

Interesting mask Ghislaine’s wearing at Bette Midler’s party there. There’s another inside Epstein’s New York apartment as well as some other interesting features. I think this more likely to be connected to an underground complex than the island, there’s even an elevator inside by the looks of it not to mention the Eyes Wide Shut mask hanging on the wall.

This is the place where you saw people like Prince Andrew and Ehud Barak hanging out with Epstein and Maxwell and is wired from top to bottom with cameras according to testimonies, even in the bathroom. So there’s a good chance this was a place were Epstein got dirt on his guests by filming them with underage girls at lavish parties. One of the recruiters was model Ray Chandler allegedly and the security cam footage from her Instagram photo could well be from inside Epstein’s apartment.

The island was belatedly raided by the FBI following Epstein’s “suicide” and then naturally the trail went a bit cold. Most of the digging had been done and there was no giant Easter egg to be found. Rumours of tunnels, grotto’s and elevators all came up empty handed, although the cement mixer eventually turned up! This was allegedly used by Epstein to fill in the “tunnels” on the island.

Statues were also a feature on the island and I thought I’d found Nimrod the hunter but it turned out to be a statue of an African tribesman that was brought over from Epstein’s New York apartment. Hunting may have taken place on the island however after a deer was spotted next to the sundial. I later found 2 more.

then 3!


Statue from NY Apartment turns up on Island

As for the Temple I think it’s a prop, probably just a Religious mockery of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem crossed with an Syrian Hammam (bathhouse). Funny how they never replaced the dome after the hurricane hit the island isn’t it? Or maybe it’s a message.

Hammam Yalbougha al-Nasri, Aleppo

Temple Mount?

So that just about does it, I’ve got a few more titbits about missing buildings on cliff edges, buggy’s driving into hillsides and strange green huts with moving door entrances. Maybe it was all just a figment of my imagination. But whatever was going on at Epstein’s Island it’ll probably always remain a mystery.



I found the 2 statues from the Temple. They had an interesting journey to the island which includes being bombed by the Nazi’s! You can read about it HERE



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