This is the new edit of the last short film I made as a student. It’s a Fantasy / Mystery / Black Comedy about a kid who gets possessed by the Devil and an Angel is sent down to save him.



The film was made in 1996 at the end of the media course I was on in North Wales and was a collaboration with Nick who was an illustrator/painter. We co-wrote the script and decided to get some drama students involved with acting experience including Nick’s brother Damien who plays the lead role. I did the storyboards while Nick did all the sets, costumes and artwork.

The copy I had of this film had no sound on it so I had to re-edit it all from scratch. It’s 9 minutes longer than the original with a completely re-structed third act to give it a better ending. 

The main soundtrack is taken from 2 episodes of The Twilight Zone by Bernard Hermann and there’s some other newly selected tracks. I kept 2 songs from the original version and gave it some new sound effects. It took me 4 months to complete. 

Here’s the trailer I made for it:



the poster:


some production work and props:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


and the storyboard book.



This is the best quality version at 6GB’s. It’s also up on Vimeo at a reduced file size.



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