I didn’t know what to call this thread but it’s stuff from 2022. I spent most of this year re-editing the short films I made as a student. I posted some updates with info about the films on here while I was editing them. You can watch them in BAD TREE PRODUCTIONS.

I did some other research including some about Chelsea’s new co-owner being a serial killer, a rapist and a paedophile.

From October 2021 to October 2022. Thread starts at the bottom.



Update 12th Oct

This’ll have to do, I’ve still got the sound to do yet then some bits and pieces.


Update Oct 11th

This is the poster I’m working on. I keep adding things to it but there’s definitely something missing! something that will complete the picture. 🤔


Update Oct 7th

I’ve finished editing the film but still have sound editing to complete as well as the poster for the blog post. It’s 9 minutes longer than the original clocking in at just under 37 mins.

I’ll post some of the production work such as screenplay, Nick’s sketches and my storyboards on the blog post. It’ll probably be a couple of weeks before it’s all finished.


Update 25th Sept



It looks like it’s going to be at least 10 MINUTES LONGER than the original. I’m not quite sure how that happened but it’s gonna be close to the 40 minute mark by the time it’s finished. That’s half a feature film!

I’ve still got 2 scenes left to edit, a tricky little one then a long one set to music. I’ve also got all the sound editing for Act 3 plus the artwork for the blog post so it’ll be 3 or 4 weeks before it’s complete depending on how difficult the last scenes are.

You’re probably wondering if there’s a Monty Python reference in the film? Well, there IS, but it’s in act 3 near the end so you’ll have to watch the whole film to see it. There’s also a Hitchcock homage, a Mel Brooks themed dance sequence, a Charlie Chaplin cameo (sort of…) and a namecheck for Delia Smith! Nobody expected THAT!


Update 22nd Sept

I’ve made a breakthrough in my quest to re-structure Act 3 in order to resolve the story and give it some plot twists at the end. I’m also intending to give it an upbeat ending.

For the first time since I started re-editing this film I actually think it’s gonna be quite good! (much better than the original anyway). But I’m not getting carried away just yet.


Update 15th Sept


The film is still a way off completion, it’ll be a few weeks yet. I’ve done a trailer for it to drum up some interest.

Take it away Bonzo!


Update 21st Aug

I’ve taken a break from editing scenes to do some of the sound. There’s lots of traffic, talking and other random noises that have to be removed. Never film a scene next to traffic is my advice! 

There’s a Hitchcock homage in my new edit. I’m using Bernard Hermann’s music from The Twilight Zone as the basis for the soundtrack with themes re-occurring throughout the film. It’s not the famous signature track but the incidental music from a couple of episodes Hermann did. The music for the homage is from Vertigo.

I’ve kept a couple of tracks from the original film but everything else is new including the sound effects. I’ve done about 10 minutes of sound editing, the film itself is about 75% complete with the final Act to do.


Update 14th Aug

I’ve just finished the dream sequence. It took me nearly 3 weeks to edit and is only 4 minutes long! I had to edit the scene that follows it first and work my way backwards to try and figure it all out. So it was edited in reverse order.

The story is in 3 acts like in a stage play and is quite theatrical. It’s about a daydreaming, suicidal teenager who gets possessed by the Devil and God sends down an Angel to save him. The main character can’t see the Angel but meets him in the dream sequence. 

The whole film is shifts between reality and fantasy and is done so that you never know which is which. That’s the idea anyway.

I’m nearly at Act 3 so I can see the end in sight but there’s still a lot of editing to do, then I’ve got all the sound editing and artwork for the blog post so it’s probably going to take me about a month before it’s finished.


Update 27th July

I’m about half way through Torquemada but have taken a break from it to watch some serial killer documentaries. It’s the dream sequence next which looks tricky. The film is actually a fantasy / black comedy / mystery. The original was a bit arty with solemn music etc, this one brings out the humour and the editing is much more detailed. The structure is the same but with new a soundtrack it looks and feels completely different. There’s quite a few glitches in my rushes and a few continuity errors which I’ve tried to cover up but I’m quite pleased with it so far. This is going to take me another month at least to complete but will probably be about the same length as the original.


Update 29th June

I’ve re-uploaded The Silent Dagger at the maximum picture quality after making a few minor edits. It needed an extra phone ring at the end to pace it better, a reaction shot was missing at the start and I’ve removed a cross fade and a freeze frame. It’s also got the full music fade out at the end.

I’ve put the best quality version of The Game up also.

As for Torquemada, I’m about 6 minutes into the re-edit and it looks completely different already with a suspenseful opening followed by credits and first scene. I’ll be keeping the original structure because it tells the story the best and it would become over complicated otherwise.. The new editing and music tell the story in a different way than the original version.

It actually looks pretty good so far but I’ve got a long way to go. The original clocked in at over 27 minutes and this will probably be longer once I’m finished.



June 18th

I just watched the last short film I made as a student for the first time since it was made in 1997. It’s got no sound on it but the visuals are quite interesting so I’ve decided it’s worth re-editing with sound and posting on my blog for prosperity.

It’s a bizarre art film called Torquemada and is nothing like the first two (The Game and The Silent Dagger). The storyline is pretty surreal and shifts between reality and a dream world. It was co-written with Nick (who plays one of the lead roles) and I remember it was inspired by the Michael Powell film A Matter of Life and Death (Aka: Stairway to Heaven). Nick added all the historical references such as the French Revolution and Spanish Inquisition, which is where we got the title from.

I remember we put some posters up around the college to try and get some drama students with acting experience involved and Nick got his brother Damien to come down to play the lead role, who was a drama student at the time.

The picture quality isn’t great on the silent version I watched but the rushes look ok. The lighting is poor in places so that’ll need fixing and then there’s no sound which means I’ll have to re-edit the whole thing from the rushes. There’s also trying to remember all the music cues and sound effects I used at the time and seeing if I can find the correct ones.

I’ll also put some proper titles on it.

I’m going through the rushes now and I’ll probably be re-structuring it like the last one.

This is as much Nick’s film as mine. Besides co-writing it and playing a lead role, he also made the costumes, created some of the sets and did a Bad Tree Productions painting for the start.

I’m going to completely re-structure the whole thing and with a new soundtrack, although I’ll be keeping some of the original tracks. There’s some crappy bits that need cutting and new footage I can add. I’ll probably do a trailer first then get started. This is the title font I’ll be using.



This is an advert I did for Brylcreem featuring Elvis called Fit For A King. The picture quality isn’t great at the start because I messed up the lighting but you get the idea behind it. There’s some Karaoke footage after the advert taken from the days shoot.



The 2nd one was originally in black and white after the colour footage came out green. I’m re-editing it in colour after managing to correct the problem on VSDC. It’s been completely re-edited and structured with a new title and soundtrack. It’s about an artist who gets involved in a murder.

It’s been re-named The Silent Dagger.

Most of the places where we filmed had been re-built and the arches had been knocked down. The phone box was still in the same place but the surrounding area was completely different. This was the only pic I could find of one of the locations with snow in it to use for the poster.



I’m uploading the short films I made as a student. The first one is called The Game, a kind of film noir crime / suspense thing. I cleaned it up and added the titles.



Billionaire “philanthropist” and new Chelsea co-owner Hans Wyss is a murderer. a rapist AND a paedophile. His company Synthes was found guilty of human experimentation of a bone marrow drug that killed at least 6 elderly people for which 4 of his executives were jailed, he’s also accused of a brutal rape and attends pizza parties with John Podesta.

It’s at least 6 victims according to my research. Including some that died AFTER the trial. 

“Nobody knows me, and I hope that it stays like this,” – Hansborg Wyss

lawyer “Brent Gurney” collapses in court after mentioning Wyss

accused of a brutal rape

Pizza parties with Podesta on Martha’s Vineyard (via Wikileaks emails)

Chelsea’s new owners are the CIA



Putin – “West ran by Satan worshipping paedo’s.” or words to that effect.



Pope Francis and Nancy Pelosi Display Odd Handshake



from Mickey Mouse to the Laughing Gnome


This next bit about Disney isn’t finished. I’m still putting it together

not so

I found this subliminal while editing The End


Prepare to have your childhood memories shattered

article: The Disney Occult Deception

Walt Disney: 33rd Degree Freemason and Satanist

MM = 33= white gloves etc


Disney’s (IE: the C.I.A’s) MK Ultra / Sex Kitten factory pushed in children

Bears are used as paedo code too, with reference to The Jungle Book

It’s A Small World ride at Disneyworld


It looks like I’ve been completely De-platformed / cancelled everywhere. May as well speak my mind even if it’s to myself. At least it keeps me relatively sane. 

truth bullets 1



My new video The End is up but it’s been blocked for copyright on Youtube. The last one had The Wizard Of Oz in it and I never had a problem. Anyway, the Vimeo version is from a smaller file size so the picture quality isn’t as good but I’ll sort that out soon and post the best quality version. 

doors disney 3

The video started out with the snake sequence which I was going to put in my latest news post Ride The Snake but I decided to do the whole song.



The End trailer



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