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This is research I posted on Gab, Voat and QResearch


I did quite a lot of digging looking for tunnels under Washington DC and came up with a few results. There’s research on that plus some other finds and theories.


This area of Washington DC is filled with occult Secret Societies and symbolism, including 3 Scientology buildings, the Supreme Council of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, the Eastern Star and the Order Of Ahepa. Harrison G. Dyars’ tunnels, the Dupont Underground and a suspected cannibal restaurant called Mission are here too (see Abort Mission). It’s all within the Inverted Pentagram which points down at the White House in an area called Dupont Circle.

The hidden Christian Cross tunnel seen on the History Channel map is on the right side of the inverted pentagram and the Golden Triangle district on the left would perhaps symbolize the right and left hand paths within Freemasonry and the occult. A broken arm (missing road) on the street design is a snare according to Mark Passio, who’s an ex-Satanist.

The Golden Triangle district on the left side of the inverted pentagram uses some familiar symbols. Ping Pong (code) and the Valknut which is very similar to the FBI identified symbol used by paedo’s (as seen on Besta Pizza). The Valknut symbolizes ritualistic human sacrifice. So nothing to see here.

Is Dupont Pizza trafficking kids in underground tunnels from Dupont Circle? Their pizza signs are a perfect match to the ones in the DHS “The Signs Are Everywhere” human trafficking awareness video.

This pizza shop is a block away from Harrison G. Dyar’s house where tunnels were discovered.



This theory’s a bit of stretch but here goes. You’ll need to read the captions on the pics.

Red door symbolism = Prostitution/ Brothels

There’s a tunnel underneath Besta Pizza (confirmed) and a new Ice-Cream shop next door.

Clients enter round the front.



I found Wolf Blitzer hanging out at a Nail Salon in Bethesda! You’ll have to read my The Sign Are Everywhere post for this. More Pizza and Ice-Cream symbols, Karate Centres above Besta Pizza and one above a Nail Salon. I think there’s a connection here.



Tony Podesta owned art “Arch Of Hysteria” is not based on a Jeffrey Dahmer victim. Although that’s probably what attracted Podesta to it. It’s was actually based on Jean-Martin Charcot’s studies into hysteria induced epileptic seizures in women from the 19th century by the artist Louise Bourgeois. One of the sculptures just sold at Sotheby’s



Billionaire Hansborg Wyss is being investigated for brutally raping a woman. He was at the Dominos on Cheese or Pasta party from the Podesta Emails where the “pizza related map” handkerchief was found.


The “investigation” didn’t get very far I’m afraid! He’s just taken over Chelsea Football Club with Todd Boehly. There’s much more on this guy, he’s responsible for the deaths of at least 6 elderly people using an illegal drug for which 4 of his executives were jailed at a company he owned called Synthes. I did a bit of research on him which you can find in Fuck My Puffins.



I discovered that one of the tunnels from the History Channel’s Hidden Tunnels map leads directly to The Finders warehouse.



You’d get attacked by shills for Pizza posts on Q’s board. So I made some memes for them.