Back to the Real World

I’m off Twitter!

It was a mind boggling experience,

I found it truly scary after a while and lost my way

completely. I wanted to quit it long ago but found it

strangely addictive. I suppose we all want attention

to some degree, I wouldn’t have started this blog if I

didn’t want attention, it’s just I don’t want that much.

This blog is somewhere where I can express myself, that’s 

what it’s all about really, I keep things hidden inside,

I’m not a sociable person, at least on here I can say things,

even if it’s just to myself. 

I hope now I can get back to being myself, I just couldn’t

do that once Twitter infected my soul, but it’s gone now

I feel free again! Not to be overly dramatic…


Hopefully I can start again now and do something vaguely

interesting without any pressure. 

I felt an overwhelming pressure upon me, perhaps it was

due to paranoia, I don’t know.


Anyway, I feel better now.