Snarling The Happy Fox

Happy Fox


Things have taken a bit of a strange turn, I’m afraid to say.
It seems I’m being taken over by this Snarling Fox character
that I’ve invented for this blog.

So I’ve decided to give in to my better judgement and just
accept that I AM indeed Snarling the fox.

Snarling is happy most of the time:) but occasionally he gets
cross (and snarls). But he doesn’t bite, not unless provoked by
things like hounds or those nasty men in red coats and breeches.
When that happens he starts using very bad language. Words like
TWAT for example.

In the coming weeks I’ll start writing a new article, only this
time, as a fox.

In fact, from now on, anyone who should read this blog needs to keep in
mind, that they are reading stuff written by a fox and not a human being.

Anyway, I hope this explains my situation.

Tally Ho.



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