Oh, Wiener

I’ve found the statues from Epstein’s Temple on the roof of the Vienna Stock Exchange from a photo taken in 1895 !

Both sculptures are of Triton, the son of Poseidon. One blows a horn and the other holds a trident.

There are 6 pairs of Triton statues on the building.

Vienna Stock Exchange, 1895 1

Here’s another photo of the Vienna Stock Exchange from 1930.

The sculptor is possibly Theodor Friedl.

Vienna Stock Exchange, 1895 3

Vienna Stock Exchange was bombed in 1939 which perhaps explains why all the statues vanished.

A couple of them showed up at the Sacher Hotel, Vienna as well as on Epstein’s island.

Wiener Börse

Here’s some of the Triton statues up for auction at various dates and places, with more details.





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