Abort Mission!

Are Planned Parenthood selling baby parts for human consumption to a Moloch-themed DC restaurant?

I came across this photo of Q Street being posted on the QAnon boards

and it led me to a restaurant called Mission which is one of the buildings in the background of the photo at 1606 20th Street.

It’s part of the Dupont Underground area in Washington DC.

Mission’s Google Maps  profile shows a series of photos posted by Pro-Life activists protesting outside the restaurant holding anti-Planned Parenthood banners depicting aborted babies. See pics here: 

Are they implying the unthinkable??

Well let’s consider that Mission used to be a restaurant called One Lounge 

and that the CEO of Reddit, Steve Huffman once boasted about “consuming human flesh” at this very restaurant  

on a thread about cannibalism entitled We Eat People. 

Pizzagate was subsequently banned from being discussed on Reddit. I wonder why?

Inside Mission you’ll notice the skulls 

and bull horns theme in the decor.

Could this be a reference to Moloch and child sacrifice? 

Well it’s a possibility.

You’ll also find a mysterious private dining room which hosts 13 people and has mirrors creating an infinite reflection effect 

Is this room set aside for something macabre perhaps??

Maybe Steven Huffman, the CEO of Reddit can tell us.

Mission website